Cheeky Pea.- Uber Spice- Uber

ubercheekypea.Cheeky Pea -Uber Spice

Cheeky Pea  has released a great array of decor and furnishings at this round of Uber.

Lotus Spa Bath – 21 Animations for single bath and shower, 21 Couples animations, 57 Adult animation.

Lotus Spa Ottoman Brown or Pink – 13 single animations,10 Couple animations, 22 Adult animations.

Cheeky Pea Lotus Spa Ottoman Brown or Pink – 7 Li
Cheeky Pea  Lotus Spa Occasional Table – 3 Li
Cheeky Pea Lotus Spa Rose Water Decor – 3 Li
Cheeky Pea  Lotus Spa Bath – 9 Li
Cheeky Pea  Lotus Spa Rugs – 6 LI
Cheeky Pea Lotus Spa Pendant Light – 3 LI
Cheeky Pea  Lotus Spa String Lights – 3 LI
Cheeky Pea  Lotus Spa Tent – 30 LI

*All items are on display at the event*

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