LTD START UP is a brand new initiative that will provide $L300,000 to a business in Second Life to help their development and projects going into 2016.

We have always been dedicated and passionate about supporting not only the big name current brands, but also the new and smaller names trying to break into the market.


Starting June 1st 2015, applications will open on our website where businesses within the Home & Garden/Lifestyle community in Second Life can enter to be in with a chance of winning the investment. Below, you will find the process timeline:

  • Applications open between 1st & 4th of the month (June – December 2015)
  • After applications close each month, LTD Staff will read through them and narrow them down to just 2. This process happens every month until the final round in December.
  • In December, a total of 14 applicants will be in with a chance of winning the grant. At this point, respectable members of the community will help LTD Staff choose ONE business to win the prize. During this stage, the applicant will have an interview with us and answer more questions. This is for us to ensure we are investing money in the right place.
  • The winner will be announced on January 1st 2016.


This is open to anyone within the Home & Garden or Lifestyle community in Second Life looking for an investment or start up funds. A list of examples are below:

  • Small Home Decor Brand
  • Interior Design firm
  • Landscaping services firm
  • Photography Studio
  • Start-Up Idea looking for investment
  • A unique event concept looking for investment
  • A small existing or new real estate company
  • Any other service related to Home & Garden/Lifestyle.

Please note, if we feel your application does not meet what we are looking to fund, your application will be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful applicants CANNOT re-apply.

All applicants who have entered will be contacted whether you have been selected as a finalist or not.


If you are chosen as the winning applicant, you will receive the following from us. Please bare in mind, more prizes may be added before January 2016.

  • $L300,000 investment into your business. Donated by LTD, ZERKALO & BLUEBERRY
  • A full year of FREE Gold Package advertising in LTD MAGAZINE
  • A full year of FREE advertising on the LTD WEBSITE
  • Heavy promotion of your products on ALL LTD Networks.


Our advice to you is to please be as detailed as possible in your applications. You will be asked a lot of questions as we will need to know as much as possible about you and what you would like the investment for. This is because after all, this is Second Life. We want to be sure we know our investment is going to the right place and for the right reasons.

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