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Prepare yourself to land in life’s detailed great Green Valley Sim thanks to the wonderful people at Bee Designs! There are endless romantic spots, heated hideaways and vibrant colours everywhere! Once you have rezzed out your prefab you can customize it as you wish. All items are removable so you can make the changes that you wish if you wish to customize the layout. Permissions are copy and modify. Entire land impact for the whole set and system 2488.

Details include:

1 Raw file which you can use on any terrain texture and look absolutely stunning (sand or grass) textures included on the pack with settings.

One sim surround to extend your environment beyond the look of just plain waterfront. Sims come with borders and we can break those borders with style.

Multiple rezzers to easily set some Bee Designs best selling fully furnished homes, gazebo’s and many other beautiful places to sit and relax. All items are loaded with  menus for various sits, cuddles, as well as single poses too.

Besides all landscaping the items that comes inside this pack are a spring spa, greenwoods cabin ,garden ruins, whistler house, bear retreat cabin, garden day bed , apple garden set , love garden , romantic raft, sweet love café.



SPARGEL SHINE – Mistik Loft – Cosmopolitan


SPARGEL SHINE – Mistik Loft – Cosmopolitan

Spargel Shine has always blown us away with their designs and this round of Cosmopolitan Mistik Loft, With over 20 texture options and 4 window options via a menu there is no end to the possibilities. This build is only 41Li so which has amazing detail. Demo available on site at this event..Permissions are copy and Modify. This event is now open we have provided the landmark.

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Di’Cor Victoria Leather Sofa – Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan beige

Di’Cor Victoria Leather Sofa-  Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan  is  open and it feature this lovely Victoria Leather Sofa from Di’Cor. Included in the set is a lamp, coffee table, end table and of course the fabulous sofa which is available in Brown, Soft black, Beige and White .Permissions are copy and Modify. This event is now open we have provided the landmark.

Di’Cor Victoria Leather Sofa Beige 17 Li

Di’Cor Victoria Coffee Table 2 Li

Di’Cor Victoria Lamp 2Li

Di’Cor Victoria End Table 6 Li

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Cheeky pea – Moose Lodge Sauna – Fameshed

Cheek Fameshed


Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna


Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna is available at Fameshed it  comes with 33 single animations for 10 separate sitters, 23 couple animations for 2 sitters, and 24 adult animations. Moose Lodge Sauna has a realistic fireplace effects further customisable by touching the fire wood surround.

Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna – 22 Li
Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna Sign – 1 Li
Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna Oils – 3 Li
Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna Birch Branch – 1 Li
Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna Water Bucket – 1 Li
Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna Ladle – 1 Li
Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna Thermometer – 1 Li
Cheeky pea Moose Lodge Sauna Leaning Paddle – 1 Li

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[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – TMD



[ ZERKALO ] Skyfall

[ZERKALO] has joined the ranks of The Mens Dept , and as always these pieces are fantastic this bedroom set has 4 pieces the bed which comes in Adult and Pg, as well as his and her chairs loaded up with decor.

[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – His Chair 2Li

[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – His Bed –  8Li

[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – Her Chair 3Li

*This event opens June  5th*

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Roost - York Vale display

Roost - York Vale House


ROOST have released a brand new industrial style home called ‘York Vale’ which also has a garage and fence kit to match.

Available inworld where you can have a walk through and view the house, and also on Marketplace. ‘York Vale’ has 3 bedrooms with the potential to be 4 if the bathroom wall add-on is removed. Walls can be tinted, too. Details include split levels on the lower floor, fun sliding barn door and a top balcony void overlooking the lower lounge. Land Impact is 146 for the house with permissions of Copy/Modify and the floor plan is front width = 26.5 m, side length = 30 m, height = 17 m.

Roost - York Vale Garage

The Garage has a Land Impact of 14 and the floor plan is width = 9 m, length = 10 m, height = 9. Permissions are Copy/Modify.



The Fence Kit has 21 pieces in all which vary from 1-2 Land Impact depending on length. There are right and left car gates and 2 walkway gates included plus a letterbox! Permissions are Copy/Modify and all pieces in the ‘York Vale Collection’ are 100% Original Mesh.




Diamantia - geodesic dome

Diamantia - geodesic dome inside


Here’s something a bit different, a ‘Geodesic Dome House’ by DIAMANTIA available on Marketplace.

This dome can be used as a house, store, meeting place, etc. It has a Land Impact of 47 and permissions are Copy/Modify so any of the triangular pieces could be a different colour. 100% Mesh.