LTD Logo 2015


Operations at LOVE TO DECORATE began in December 2013 and we have quickly become the number one resource for Home & Garden design in Second Life.

We are not only an online publication focussed on showcasing the best in home & garden talent in Second Life, we are also a marketing group, promoting the amazing products that are created and great events that take place on the grid.

THE LTD WEBSITE has become a relied upon source for information on what is new in the Home & Garden market in Second Life. Updated daily with new releases from the grids content creators, it is a vital part of LTD in that it allows residents to ‘’window shop’’ for great items and can see what is new all in one place.

LTD – THE MAGAZINE is our bi-monthly publication which can be read online. The Magazine is released on the 23rd every other month and our first issue was released in January 2014. The objective of the magazine is to show the talent on the grid in the highest quality and most professional way. Senior Editor, Absinthe Montenegro, manages the daily running of the magazine and works with our fantastic staff in order to produce a great issue. LTD strives to make each publication better than the last.

We have also launched THE NEW STORE SCHEME. This scheme was set up to help smaller businesses in the Home & Garden market get the advertising and promotion they need to build a customer base. Many new stores cannot always afford the top advertising prices or market their products in groups. The scheme is open for those who have been in business for less than 6 months and by joining you get many benefits that will get your business on the ladder.
Information on the scheme and how to join can be found HERE.

During the Fall of 2014, LTD intends to expand into new areas with many new projects. We are constantly trying to improve our service and the quality of work we produce. Our supporters and clients are extremely important to us and our aim is to continue to deliver what they expect from us each and every day.

LTD continues to grow each and every day and we are committed to bringing you the best in Home & Garden to make your Second Life an even more beautiful, fun and creative place to be.

Thank you for supporting us.


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