Prepare yourself to land in life’s detailed great Green Valley Sim thanks to the wonderful people at Bee Designs! There are endless romantic spots, heated hideaways and vibrant colours everywhere! Once you have rezzed out your prefab you can customize it as you wish. All items are removable so you can make the changes that you wish if you wish to customize the layout. Permissions are copy and modify. Entire land impact for the whole set and system 2488.

Details include:

1 Raw file which you can use on any terrain texture and look absolutely stunning (sand or grass) textures included on the pack with settings.

One sim surround to extend your environment beyond the look of just plain waterfront. Sims come with borders and we can break those borders with style.

Multiple rezzers to easily set some Bee Designs best selling fully furnished homes, gazebo’s and many other beautiful places to sit and relax. All items are loaded with  menus for various sits, cuddles, as well as single poses too.

Besides all landscaping the items that comes inside this pack are a spring spa, greenwoods cabin ,garden ruins, whistler house, bear retreat cabin, garden day bed , apple garden set , love garden , romantic raft, sweet love café.



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